Sponsorship Sales: matchmaking sponsorship properties with brands; customizing thematically relevant sponsorship assets that add value for both rights holders and sponsors.

Media Sales: utilizing agency and brand relationships, ABSC has a proven track record in bolstering advertising revenues for niche media properties, even those challenged by a lack of measurement.  ABSC goes beyond endemic categories particular to niche media channels.  As more agencies seek above-the-clutter, laser targeted reach, they are also tasked with cost-per-reach mandates that these niche media outlets a seemingly high risk proposition.  In addition, these same agencies are wary of the lack of professionalism and understanding of best industry codes and practices.  ABSC, with almost two decades of media sales experience, can instil the needed confidence by creating and presenting top-tier proposals, presentation, high value media packages and post-campaign analyses and auditing reports.

ABSC extends its expertise in the creation of high impact sales materials, ranging from media kits, sell sheets, sales reels, mock-ups and more.  ABSC is a polished, refined ambassador wholly devoted to its clients and prospective advertisers alike.

Media Marriages:  ABSC offers alternate solutions by forging partnerships with non-competing media outlets and media channels so as to bolter media metrics, provide auditable impressions, broaden reach and extend campaign life-cycles.

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