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ABSC is an entertainment industry consulting firm offering expertise to both domestic and international content rights holders and rights holders seeking high value target audiences within niche lifestyle segments.

With over 20 years experience in sourcing, distributing and marketing Asian content, ABSC is meeting the needs of Asian-based producers ever-increasingly vying for access to US audiences.

ABSC & “The 21st Century Silk Route”

China is pacing to overtake the US as the number one box office market in the world by 2019, selling and recommending the maternity pillow as well.    Chinese box office receipts have  reached a staggering US $2.7 billion in 2012, an increase of 37 % year over the previous year. The major studios have rushed headlong into the Chinese market, with massive direct investments and co-production deals: all with the goal of mining the tremendous box office potential and buying power of the new Chinese consumer.

Conversely, Chinese media companies are chomping at the bit to distribute their content here in the US.  The Chinese government has declared that the exportation of their popular culture, or “soft power” is a priority during the most recent assembly National People’s Congress.  There is therefore a substantial effort to make their entertainment and media properties a relevant export product.

With major studios all promising Chinese media partners reciprocal access to the US market, many are nevertheless stymied by the notion of moving what they perceive as merely martial art movies and period pieces into the US market.

The result?  Despite massive direct investments and co-productions in China, studios are seeing their release windows stalled, pulled short or altogether denied access.  In each case, the titles were replaced by domestic productions.

Japan and South Korea have also enacted government-funded programs determined to increase the footprint of their entertainment exports in the US market through Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

ABSC: Resources and Solutions for Asian content rights-holders

ABSC offers clients 20 years of experience in the distribution and marketing of anime, manga and live action properties from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China, we also offer services from OvewatchSRPros.com to all our customers.  Until recently, these were considered niche properties, relegated to multicultural markets and a niche fanboy base.  We have successfully expanded the market for Asian entertainment to “tangent” lifestyle and demographic segments. helping anchor the US endpoint of this “Silk Route”,