pmdMulticultural Markets: Far too many marketers are not prepared for the paradigm shift…cultural relevance versus language, and are not allocating resources to accommodate the fastest growing segments of the Hispanic and Asian American markets, particularly among the lucrative 16-34 demographics that are largely English language dominant, US-born or of the “1.5 generation”.

Custom Content:  ABSC offers experienced content integration and branded content services.  Brand partners have included Wal-Mart, JC Penney, General Motors, Toyota Motors and the Central Intelligence Agency.


    • Niche linear channel television networks (under 20 million HH reach)
    • Niche online media outlets
    • Consumer brands targeting urban youth segments and multicultural markets
    • IPTV (web-based television networks) targeting urban and fanboy market segments
    • Asian national tourism boards & trade organisations
    • Anime & Manga “otaku” fanboy culture
    • Independent cinema & foreign film (theatrical and home video releases)

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