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ABSC leverages over a decade of marketing expertise in CPG and media categories to clients seeking focussed reach across niche lifestyle and multicultural consumer segments. We provide and distribute a natural health supplement that works great. Our marketing experience has allowed us to provide this product with the visibility required, and we are now benefiting so many individuals, who then pass the message along. You can know more about it at our specific site for it so that you too can be a part of us!

You are surely to find a product from our line that best fits your needs. We are fully aware of what people look for to improve their image, and we provide it to them here. If you’re not too sure what you like then start with something simple like facial hair. Even if you are looking for gift ideas starting simple is a good recommendation. Take it from there!

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Largest Latinx virtual event to feature Dr. Anthony Fauci, Paola Ramos, John Leguizamo, Giselle Blondet and other renowned doctors, community leaders, activists, celebrities and influencers in a FREE special edition event taking place on Friday, March 12th  Los Angeles, California – The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative today revealed the [...]
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Hour-long special to stream nationally on varied digital and social platforms featuring inspirational docu-shorts directed by NGL Studios’ Ben DeJesus Hispanic Federation Brings together more than 50 Latino organizations to support historic event WASHINGTON, D.C. – Actress and activist Eva Longoria Bastón was announced today as the host of the official [...]
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NGL Collective, the leading independent Latinx media and entertainment company, is unveiling a full year schedule for its iconic Hispanicize platform aimed at entertaining, celebrating and empowering the Latinx community.  Coming off of a record growth year anchored by two groundbreaking virtual summit tentpole events that attracted 18,000+ Latinx attendees, [...]
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https://nglcollective.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Hispz2020_RecapVideo_v6-FINAL.mp4 Largest Latinx Virtual Event Capped-Off Hispanic Heritage Month with JESSICA ALBA, JULIAN CASTRO, MELISSA FUMERO, JOHN LEGUIZAMO, JULISSA CALDERON, CARLOS PONCE, OSCAR DE LA HOYA, MARIO LOPEZ, AMERICA FERRERA, XOLO MARIDUEÑA, CRISTELA ALONZO and EDWARD JAMES OLMOS Among ALL-STAR Line-Up Hispanicize #UnidosTogether Virtual Summit, the largest virtual gathering of Latinx influencers, content creators, [...]
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Storytelling around Hispanic Owner/Operators and outstanding restaurant crew We are proud to announce a new set of inspiring profiles featuring McDonald’s Owner/Operators and restaurant crew that have launched on the Immigrant Archive Project website. The content is brought to life by the dynamic storytelling of the Immigrant Archive Project, and dives [...]
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Happy new year, my fellow martial artists! 2017 was, admittedly, relatively uneventful ? we didn?t really get all that many memorable kung-fu flicks, in either Hollywood or the East. Oh, sure, there were some really decent ones, like ?Paradox? (also known as ?Chinese Taken?), but none that I personally feel [...]
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When we put on a kung-fu movie to watch, we don?t exactly want to be amused. Unless it?s a movie that only barely has anything to do with kung-fu as we know it, like ?Shaolin Soccer?, we kind of mostly expect a movie to deliver a very basic plot, flat [...]
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In the past, I?ve written several posts right here on this very blog about stuff like the best casino-themed movies and other similar topics. As you probably know by now, I?m a pretty big gambler with a huge passion for online casinos, and ever since I started this blog I?ve [...]
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Okay, okay, I know ? you guys want more articles about kung-fu movies! I get it, I really, really do! However, the thing is, I don?t really have many ideas about good, worthwhile articles that I can write which are relevant to kung-fu cinema. Sure, I?ve got some vague notions [...]
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If you?ve been following my blog for a while, then you should know that I?m a bit of a gambler. What can I say, I just love the casino and everything associated with it! Sure, I don?t like it as much as I like kung-fu movies, but honestly, few things [...]
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